The Remorseless Dilettante (efng) wrote,
The Remorseless Dilettante

25 things

This virus found me on facebook and I spent enough time thinking about it, I thought I would put it here. I'll just drop the payload here and spare you the vector. So here are 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about me.

1) I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
2) I want to make a difference.
3) I was afraid of spiders unlit my late 20s.
4) I used to become furious when I smelled butter sauteed mushrooms.
5) I think too much.
6) I believe in the power of the human soul.
7) I collect questions.
8) I will defend any side in a discussion.
9) I can not remember anyone I went to school with before the age of 11.
10) I got drunk for the first time on my 24th birthday.
11) I am afraid/believe I will always be the uncle and never the father.
12) I want to always grow.
13) I am not subtle.
14) I used to bake often as a kid.
15) I met my first wife on a BBS.
16) I adore recursion.
18) I wish I have but never have been outside of the USA.
17) I want to do the right thing.
19) I never graduated from high school.
20) I am lazy.
21) I have known love.
22) I have kept an online journal since 2002
23) I miss the RPGs I used to play.
24) I want to skydive.
25) I have hope.

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