The Remorseless Dilettante (efng) wrote,
The Remorseless Dilettante

A leaf on the wind

If you are lucky, there is a moment when you "get it". A moment when everything just flows right,when obstacles just melt before you no matter how difficult. When walls become windows, doors become archways. If your blessed you are aware of it when it happens.

We don't get to choose these moments, when they start or when they end. All we get is the chance to have those moments, the chance to be them. In those moments we are the will of the universe, the heart of the world. In those moments we are gods.

Tiny moments. Walking for the first time, driving for the first time, loving for the first time. So small the the stars that shine at night do not shake, so small walls do not crumble, so small no one notices.

Just a leaf on the wind, see how you fly.
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