The Remorseless Dilettante (efng) wrote,
The Remorseless Dilettante

This past sunday I was at a party, sitting around having a good time, just enjoying myself. Little did I suspect the danger I was in. The 2 small containers appeared on the table and seemed harmless when opened. Inside they contain what appeared to be merely ice cream: one white with black specs, the other a smooth,pale green.

I was told the names: "Salt & Pepper" ice cream and "Thai chili lime" sorbet. "Surely these are just names for some other ice cream." No, no it wasn't. It was salt and pepper ice cream, it was Thai chili lime sorbet. And it was AMAZING.

I can not do them justice, I can not describe what they were like. It was as if a musical was in my mouth, as if I was high. It was 2 separate parts of my brain coming together to talk that just don't see each other often. It wasn't something you eat, it was something to experience.

What did they taste like? Like what they were named, no more can be said. To try and describe individual elements would be a crime. What I can say is that, for me, it was wonderful. I am still talking about it a week later.

Go to the store and try some. Here is their website and a list of what they have:|_Flavors_|.html

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